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Come to Vietnam – the investment market which is expected to be hot and in high growth momentum!!!

☆ Vietnam's market is growing rapidly:


Toward industrialization by 2020, Vietnam is a country that has just started to develop their economic.


☆ To South East Asia Center:


By 2015, with the fully integration in to AFTA, ACFTA of ASEAN region fully implementing AFTA, ACFTA, China will also widen their open market. Moreover, India is also considered as a part of the market, and it is the birth of a new giant market with more than 3 billion people.

☆ Vietnam is highly anticipated for growth potential as well as market size: maintaining high economic growth rates, reducing inflation, promoting free trade (such as promoting Trade Agreements). Moreover, with a population of 94 million (according to the IMF 2017) and an average working age of 31, Vietnam is an attractive investment market with steady growth.

Another attraction of Vietnamese market is the abundant human resource and low labor cost:

Labor costs in Vietnam are cheaper than other ASIAN countries such as China, Thailand, Malaysia, and especially skilled.

Vietnam's GDP per capita (US $) is US $ 2,306.23 (According to statistics for October 2017).

People who are under 40 year old be counted up to 60% of the total population, indicating that the labor force is abundant.



☆ We would like to bring to Vietnam the advanced technologies, products and services from the best Japanese small and medium companies.



☆ We look forward to sustaining Vietnam's economic development with abundant human resources, bringing peace of mind, safe and high quality products to Vietnam.



The fact that, recent years, in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where concerntration of young people and shopping demand is high, there are many not only trade centers but also super market and convenience stores.



Especially the parents do not regret investing their children products which are originated and the food which is peace of mind and safe.

The menu of top chefs with high quality ingredients ensures safety is also very popular in restaurants.



☆ By our wide range of relationships, we believe that your company will invest successfully with our support.

☆ About supporting fee, we shall send you the quotation depends on your supporting contents.

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