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Wholesale, Retail


Procurement support

Investment promotion support

Business support

Sales expansion

in Vietnam



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 From the point of view as your assistance, in order to make the investment in Vietnam succeed, we would try hard to help you steadily set foot in Vietnamese market. 


 To dispel the perturbation, we promise to support you in dealing with all problems in the most satisfactory way.


 In generally supporting for each term, please refer to the following catalogue.

  We are doing sales business in Vietnam of an excellent product.


We will try our best to expand the sales in Vietnam accordance to the distributor agreement with you.


We are purchasing the best merchandise, which would be wholesale sales to distributor and retailed to consumers in our own shops 'The B&H'.

 We would like to support your business, procurement of merchandise, OEM/ODM from Vietnam.


 We support you in importing high quality merchandise with reasonable price. 


 In order to choose the best future business partner, we would like to help you connect with Vietnamese Enterprises.

Importing and selling Japanese famous "Wagyu <WAGYU>" to Vietnam is also our main business.

☆ We are pleased to know about the necessary budget, we shall flexibly cope with and commit to bring back the highest efficiency.

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